Video production process

So you have a fantastic idea for a video. Perhaps you want an impressive video about your company or organization, product, or service. Perhaps you want to capture one of your upcoming events on film. Or maybe you want a video tutorial to explain complex information in a visual and attractive way. Where do you start? This page explains the video production process, so that you know what to expect. 

Tell me what you have in mind. What is the objective of the video, who is the target audience, and what do you plan on using the video for? We will then discuss what to include in the video, the options available to us, and the timeline. This gives me a clear idea of the time and people needed for the production. 

Based on the information you gave me in the intake, I will send you a costs estimate. After you approve the estimate, we'll get started. 

Video is not just about capturing a service or product on film. It’s vital that a video captures the essence of an organization: its values and identity, and what it communicates as a brand. This shapes the storyline, the style of the video, and the pace, music, and motion graphics. Therefore, I start the video production process with researching your organization. I also help you identify the main target group of the video: What information is most relevant to them? How does your company or organization provide them a solution to their problem?


The next step is to turn the ideas into a story that communicates your message in a clear and creative way. The script describes both the action on the screen and the text being spoken by an interview, actor, talent, or voiceover. You may choose to write a first draft of the script yourself, that I can tweak and turn into a script suitable for video. Or you may consider hiring a script writer. You can also leave the writing to me. In that case I will send you the final draft for your approval before we start shooting. 

Video productions require tight planning and coordination. Perhaps you prefer to make sure that everyone and everything is in place on the shooting day yourself. You can also choose to leave the planning and coordination to me. We can discuss together what the best option is to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

The composition of the team depends on the production and the necessary equipment. I usually work with camera operator Wilmar Dik on set.

Video production is time consuming. Several minutes of video requires hours of shooting, setting up and taking down equipment, and directing the actors or talent in the video. We work with scripts and shotlists to make sure the video production process runs smoothly and efficiently. 


This is where it all comes together: footage, audio and motion graphics are edited together in the correct sequence to create the story that we envisioned in the pre-production phase. Color correction and/or grading, music, and perhaps a voiceover are added.

Editing is not just a cut and paste job. Professional editing ensures that the audience is emotionally connected with the video they're watching.


Once the editing is complete, I will deliver a final draft for your review. Based on your feedback, I will make the necessary changes. The final video will be provided to you in HD quality (1920 x 1080).