Both non-profit and for-profit organizations need to market their products and services. They both need to put out good content and establish a connection with their target audience. They both need to tell an engaging and compelling story. Whether you’re selling a commercial product or raising funds for a non-profit project, the same marketing principles apply. When it comes to video production, the key difference between non-profit and for-profit marketing is in the approach.

A corporate video shows the target audience how the company solves their problems, and benefits their lives. Corporate videos are generally targeted towards inspiring confidence in a company’s product or service and generating sales. A non-profit video is geared towards showing the positive impact of the organization’s work. The goal of a non-profit video could be to raise awareness for societal challenges, behavior change, capacity building, demonstrating the societal relevance and need for the organization, fundraising, or education and training. The target audience of a non-profit video is not an individual looking for a product or service, but someone looking to invest time, money, or services to a greater cause.

Whether you’re making a video, website, flyer or any other marketing tool for your non-profit organization, it helps to have someone on board who understands your mission, work and target audience. Prior to founding tasfilms, Francis Camstra worked for NGOs in the field of human rights on marketing and communications strategies. She brings this experience into her work as a filmmaker to produce compelling videos for non-profit organizations.

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