Video production costs


“How much does it cost to make a video?” is a question I often hear, and the answer is always: “it depends”. There a lot of project variables to scope before I can give you an exact quote. If you would like to receive an estimate of the costs for the video you have in mind, contact me.

Below are 8 factors that influence the costs of producing a video:


1. Coordination and planning of the production: are you doing this yourself, or leaving it in the hands of the producer?


2. The script: Do you need a script for the video, or does a shotlist suffice? If you need a script, will you write it yourself, or hire a scriptwriter or producer to write it?


3. Voiceover: Do you need a voiceover? Voiceover costs depend on the experience of the voiceover artist.


4. The time needed to film: is everyone who will be featured in the film available on the same day? Is there more than 1 location to shoot?


5. The crew: how many people are needed for the production? How many camera operators? Will you hire professional actors?


6. Editing: the costs of editing depends on the complexity. Do you want only basic editing, or more complex editing including motion graphics?


7. Graphics and illustrations: do you want to include graphics and illustrations in the video and do these still need to be designed or bought?


8. Music: does stock music suffice, or do you want to hire a composer to create a track specifically for your video?